We are the first all-in-one professional car dealer in Mauritius: New, Imported and Pre-owned cars under one roof.

We give you the Power of Choice for your next car and will source the best value for money vehicles and services worldwide, bringing them to your doorstep.

With Autonexx.com, you now have the possibility to:

  • Choose your next car from the ease of your home/office
  • Compare various vehicles which are available for you to buy now with the exact specifications as advertised.
  • Make a choice between brand new cars with manufacturer’s warranty or quality imported vehicles from Japan and Singapore with 1 year warranty on powertrain (with more than 50 cars in stock all the time).
  • Have a quick quote for your financing possibilities to buy your car with our loan calculator and a 2 day lease approval with a our selected financing partners (Terms and conditions apply).


Feel 100% secure knowing that any car you buy will be followed-up with a professional after-sales team from Autonexx. Be in touch 24/7 with our team of professional for any queries you may have. We wish you happy car shopping!


We Offer

All brands

Autonexx sells the most recognisable car brands including, but not limited to: Proton, Perodua, MG, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, BMW and so much more.

Guranteed Aftersales

We offer aftersales service for all vehicles we sell including Electric and Hybrid car. We also provide crash repair services.

Get Financed

We will find the best deal for the financing of your car. With a dedicated booth at our showroom by Rogers Capital, get a lease approval within 48 hours.

Affordable Quality

We will source the best quality vehicles and services worldwide and deliver it to your doorstep.

Where it all


  • 1

    1990 - The beginning - Proton Distributorship

    Founded by Mr Raouf Dusmohamud, helped by his brother Taleb in February 1990, Raouf Dusmohamud & Co Ltd (RDC) was founded to import Proton Cars for the Mauritian market. Our HQ has since been based on the Motorway at Pailles.

  • 2

    1997 - Perodua Distributorship

    In 1997, RDC obtained the distributorship of Perodua cars in Mauritius. Perodua is known to be a major partner to Daihatsu Motors Japan. In 2020, RDC has celebrated 23 years of distributorship with Perodua.

  • 3

    1997 - Mahwa Motors Ltd

    In 1997, Mahwa Motors Ltd (MML) was incorporated to start the imports of 2nd reconditioned vehicles from Japan. In 2017, after 20 years of inactivity, new management decides to restart operations by importing its first new batch from Japan. Since then, more than 100 cars have now been sold on the Mauritian market by MML.

  • 4

    2017 - New Management

    In 2017, Mr Raouf Dusmohamud entrusts his sons: Raid, Ziyaad and Ally as the new management of the Dusmohamud Group ( RDC and MML). With a new team with an average age of 36 years old, new management has taken the challenge to bring the group to new heights.

  • 5

    2018 - MG Distributorship

    In 2018, the group wins the contract to become the distributor of MG cars for Mauritius. Under MML, the first batch of the new MGs, the ZS was imported in March 2018. This became the first real hit of new management which has now set the group gunning towards the next step of its evolution.

  • 6

    2019 - Autonexx

    For the 2019 Motorshow, new management embarks on a new journey of rebranding. Autonexx is born to become the dealership trade name of the Dusmohamud Group. Under Autonexx, a new team was formed with new recruits joining the adventure. Today Autonexx aspires to become one of the leading car dealers in Mauritius.

  • 7

    2021 - Autonexx.com

    In 2021, having lived through the global COVID-19 pandemic, the group takes the decision to go digital. Autonexx.com is a real live showroom designed to make the customer experience of buying a car online a real possibility now in Mauritius. With the launch of the website in April 2021, Autonexx sets a foundation stone towards its exciting future.

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