Hybrid or Petrol car ? – All You Need To Know

Hybrid or Petrol car ? – All You Need To Know

Deciding between a Hybrid or Petrol car – All You Need To Know

If you’re wondering if you should dive in the hybrid pool, this post might just help you decide.

Let’s go over the basics:

1. What is the main difference between a petrol car and a hybrid car?

Basically, when you compare a Toyota Vitz petrol and a hybrid, there’s not much difference on the looks of the car except a cool blue shade on the hybrid badge. Under the bonnet though, you’ll start seeing the difference. Basically the hybrid car has an extra source of power via an electric motor.

The latter is used by the car both independently,running 100% electric and also in tandem with the normal motor to give an extra boost.

The main advantage you will get though is a superb fuel economy. How much you ask, continue reading.

2. How much fuel will I save?

By our own experience in Mauritius daily driving, we would say, you will save at least half your fuel consumption if you’re driving on both highways and urban and do an average of at least 1000kms per month.

3. Will the hybrid battery break down?

As any part of your car, there is always a chance of something going wrong. However it is highly unlikely that it will happen so quickly. The hybrid battery has a reasonable battery life (a minimum of 150,000kms or 8 years according to Toyota).

Thus if you maintain a regular service interval and are not a severe use driver, you most probably won’t have to change the battery so soon.


At Autonexx, you can make a choice between both hybrid and petrol Toyotas with the Aqua and Vitz in stock. We also provide hybrid car service and have the necessary tools and equipment for diagnostics.

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